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An ode to Petit Livarot, the undisputed colonel of French cheese.


Normandy is home to two of the finest cheeses known to man; the small villages of Livarot and Camembert famous throughout the world due to theirAOC certified produce. Livarot, situated just six miles south of Camembert in the region of Calvados, has been producing its fantastically smelly cheese since the 13th century, making it one of France’s oldest and most beloved cheeses.

Bands of raffia encircle this beefy cheese, evoking the stripes previously found on French military uniform, hence the nickname ‘the colonel’. Traditionally served with the brandy of the region, the salty cheese also works well with rich, deep reds, Belgian abbey beers  and any ale or stout you have to hand. An excellent after dinner treat along with a few crisp apples, pears or grapes – their sweetness cutting through Livarot’s rich intensity.

It also works well as a more powerful substitute for Reblochon in a variety of traditional French recipes, including this one for Tartiflette, courtesy of Laura Werlin, the writer of Cheese Essentials. Try it with our pancetta, dry cured for 3 months, for a particularly delicious result.


Good right now 06.04.10: Irish cheeses.


This week we welcome back the inimitable Durrus, attempting to fathom quite how we survived without it! Fresh tasting with hints of honeysuckle and light nutty notes, we’d serve this with a cool rustic cider and a few grapes – the perfect spring picnic cheese.

While on the topic of Irish cheese it’d be unfair not to highlight the excellence of the creamy, grassy Adrahan along with the rich, dry umami-ness of our two and half a year Coolea, both terrific editions to any cheeseboard right now.

Welcome to the Mellis blog.


Hello and welcome to our blog. We wish to keep you informed as to the latest developments at our maturing rooms in Edinburgh and throughout our fleet of Scottish stores, offering relevant advice, information and whatever else we think may interest you, both at Mellis and in the wider world of cheese.

We’re always interested in your feedback. If you’d like to see anything on the blog or in our stores don’t hesitate to get in touch: either leave a comment here, email us, or alternatively drop by for a chat and – if you’re feeling even the slightest bit peckish – a taste of something we think is particularly delicious right now.