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S.S. dei Naufragati, East Lothian.


You may have noticed the long line of eager customers waiting patiently to pick up the freshest cheeses imaginable from S.S. dei Naufragati at the Edinburgh Farmers’ Market on a Saturday; we receive a delivery of their delicious mozzarella fiordilatte, ricotta and scamorza affumicata every week. Based in Gifford, East Lothian, Adriana Alonzi and Gabriele Caputo have built up a formidable reputation for the finest Italian-style produce, our entire stock regularly selling out within a day of arrival. Their local cheeses are the perfect warm weather treats, ideal additions to any picnic or meal in the sun. We’ve included some of our favourite (and simplest) warm weather recipes below, enjoy!

Ricotta, jamon iberico, broad beans and piquillo peppers.

Place the ricotta in the centre of a large plate, decorate with a few sprigs of fresh marjoram and drizzle a little fruity olive oil over the top. Arrange freshly steamed broad beans, thin slices of jamon iberico and strips of the fried, sweet pepper around the the cheese then get your friends to dig in! A personal tip would be to roll a little of the ricotta, pepper and broad bean up in a slice of iberico and devour in one.

Ross’ Edinburgh salad (inspired, loosely, by insalata Caprese).

I recently had the good fortune of having a Saturday away from the shop, last weekend so a trip to the farmers market was on the cards. It had been a while since I strolled through the market, so was drooling at the thought of all the local produce on offer. I picked up some local vine ripened tomatoes and a couple of balls of S.S dei Naufragati’s mozzarella fiordilatte, made just the day before. Thickly slice ripe tomatoes, mozzarella, drizzle extra virgin olive oil, check the seasoning and serve.

Ragstone and pickled red onion on toast.

Ragstone, a goats cheese made by Neal’s Yard Creamery, is the perfect grilling cheese, firm, sweet and with a delectable tang that stands up well to the lightly pickled red onion.

First prepare the pickled red onion. Boil 100ml red wine vinegar, a heaped tablespoon of sugar, a bay leaf and a teaspoon of juniper berries in a pan for 1 minute, then add two thinly sliced red onions, simmer for another minute then leave to cool. Slice the Ragstone  into thin discs, place on some lightly toasted bread and slide under a blistering hot grill, allowing the goats cheese to turn a pale gold. Top with the pickled red onion slices and serve with a cool Riesling or Sauvignon Blanc for the perfect starter or indulgent snack.

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